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After the rise of zoom calls and digital reliance over the last few years, it’s easy for businesses to overlook the power of a face-to-face interaction. Creating those crucial connections with customers in person can help businesses build long-lasting relationships that drive long-term growth.

Boost brand awareness

A key driver to success is building brand awareness for your business. This is a crucial foundation in any consumer relationship as it reinforces your position as a key supplier in your industry. 76% of our audience have made purchases based on what they have seen on AccountingWEB, and live events are an exciting new way to build brand awareness, showcase products and engage your target audience.

Align your brand with an engaged community

Not only do live events bring together top industry experts and innovative suppliers, but they empower those in the profession who attend. Live events inspire, teach, intrigue, entertain, and bring people together in a way that virtual cannot compete with. Exhibitions offer insightful panels and CPD-accredited training sessions that provide expert insight to attendees, plus you can show potential customers how your product can solve their business challenges and drive success!

Network and do business face-to-face

Live events offer attendees an invaluable opportunity to pick up advice from top experts and exciting suppliers in their industry. They can bring along their questions and concerns to receive one-on-one expert advice that can help them tackle their business challenges. Face-to-face engagement with customers is key to building strong relationships. This in-person interaction builds trust and encourages a good working relationship between customer and supplier. This is a key marketing tool for businesses, it provides you with a creative platform to bring your product to life through product demonstrations and workshops. These pitches can be an insightful experience for a potential customer, but also a key sales driver with many deciding the product provides a clear solution to a business need.

Connect with your target audience

We know how paramount and powerful a live event can be for a new and an established business, it’s vital that you meet the customers that are the right fit for your business. AccountingWEB is the UK's most trusted brand for accountants in practice and business and 71% of the AccountingWEB community are purchasing decision-makers. With new technologies, new expectations from clients and new ways of working, our community is looking to meet suppliers who can help them streamline business and inform future strategy more than ever. At live events, you can make the right connections and meet the accountancy buyers and decision-makers that are actively looking to invest in new products and software.

That’s why, we keep our finger on the pulse of what the accounting community really cares about, we use our unrivalled reach and valued relationships to deliver new business conversations and customers that you won't get anywhere else. AccountingWEB Live Expo 2022 is your opportunity to launch new products, drive brand awareness and create long-lasting connections with the UK’s largest accounting community.

If you’re interested in how Expo can drive success for your business, then speak to our team today.