The Chancellor set the Treasury taps flowing with what he called “the most radical simplification of alcohol duties for over 140 years".

Changes to alcohol duty ended up being one of the big headlines coming out of the Budget as Rishi Sunak announced that the current duty rates on beer, cider, wine, and spirits will be frozen for the next 12 months.

Following Rishi Sunak's beer-friendly 2021 Budget, we'll be serving an exclusive craft pilsner lager at the AccountingWEB Live Expo After Party, created by Coventry-based microbrewery Dhillon's Brewery.


But the big question is… WHAT SHOULD WE CALL IT?

We need a name - and we need your help!

Bring your best puns and Tweet us at @awebliveexpo using the hashtag #aweblager. And yes - we already thought of Lager McLagerface.

We'll be picking the best name and announcing the winner on Twitter.

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