AccountingWEB Live Expo Talks with MikeGoldsmith

Hosted by AccountingWEB's Mike Goldsmith, The Expo Talks showcases the themes of our AccountingWEB Live Expo in December 2021, you can get a preview of the sessions we’ll be running, the topics that we’ll be debating and we’ll be revealing some of the panellists who’ll be joining us at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

In this fourth episode, airing today at 1pm, we look at Leadership with three of accounting's leading pioneers used to leading from the front. That's a big claim - but one that these three Accounting Excellence Practice Pioneer of the Year award winners more than deserve.

Mike Goldsmith is joined by Partner and Head of Cloud Accounting at Carpenter Box, Nathan Keeley and joint Managing Directors at Ad Valorem, Nikki Adams and Nigel Adams.

These are not only three award winners, but individuals who recognise that you need self-motivation, collaboration with peers and a well-run team to lead the pack. All share similar values and value the smart use of technology in helping them achieve the growth that underpinned their individual success.

Anyone who's followed these speakers' appearances on AccountingWEB Live will know this episode will be invaluable to those firms looking to step up. As well as previewing the sessions they'll be appearing on at AccountingWEB Live Expo, the three of them will discuss:

  • What they missed about live events
  • Leading from the front (and taking your team with you)
  • What the modern staff member wants in 2022
  • Common challenges faced by partners in 2022
  • How tech can help you grow your firm
  • Their plans for AccountingWEB Live Expo

As well as Nathan, Nikki and Nigel, we have lots of other inspirational and practical sessions planned for AccountingWEB Live Expo, all aimed at giving you practical advice on how to lead smarter and better. 

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