First Corporate Law Services provides an extensive range of post incorporation services to Solicitors and Accountants. We provide any type of share restructure, purchase and reduction of share capital to more complex procedures such as Company Restorations and Share for Share Exchanges.

We provide a full and comprehensive company formation service within 24 hours (usually 3-4 hours). The companies are formed electronically through our bespoke Company Formation system FirstOrder. The Company Formation package consists of the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation – hard copy and emailed
  • Draft First Board Minutes – Emailed
  • Memorandum and Articles – our own legally drafted and counsel approved Articles under the 2006 Act – Emailed
  • Companies can be formed with Standard Capital or Class Shares or even Redeemable Preference shares – we can tailor the articles to suit your requirements.

FirstOrder Secretarial

Our own Company Secretarial Software FirstOrder allows you to sign on from anywhere with internet access, there are no restrictions on the numbers of users or companies. Work in multiple offices or even at home or out of hours. The First Order system has been created to enable you to administer all your registered companies and e-file annual returns/Confirmation Statements and company forms, including new company formations.

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