Key audience statistics

When exhibiting at or sponsoring an event you want to know the people you’re meeting have the authority and desire to specify your products and services.

That’s why AccountingWEB undertook a survey of potential attendees to identify their buying needs and the format, time and location of the event that they want.

The results were overwhelming - exhibitors can be confident that AccountingWEB Live Expo will deliver an audience of decision makers looking to purchase. 

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  • 88% use AccountingWEB daily or weekly
  • 94% rate AccountingWEB as Good to Excellent
  • 50% would choose AccountingWEB if they could only use one resource within the sector
  • 76% of readers make decisions based on what they read on AccountingWEB
  • 73% felt there was a need for a dedicated AccountingWEB event
  • 71% purchasing decision makers


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Spending power

  • 8% have more than £1m per annum
  • 98% have annual budget to spend on products and services
  • 76% have made a purchasing decision based on AccountingWEB

Unique audience

  • 73% would attend an event run by AccountingWEB
  • 33% do not currently attend events
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