Capium is an ungated ecosystem of cloud practice software. What that means is you enjoy all the benefits of accessing integrated tax and accounts software from any device anywhere in the world, as well as the freedom to use other software to make your practice work more efficiently.

Rather than locking you in to long term draconian desktop-based contracts, Capium software encourages efficient data capture, data flow through connected software services and ongoing Client collaboration. It does this through its range of core services: Practice Management, Corporation and Personal Tax, Accounts Production, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Company Secretarial, Bankfeeds, Receipt Scanning App and Client Dashboard.

This year alone Capium has released over 200 new features and launched another service into its portfolio. It has grown from 650 customers to 1000 customers in 12 months and has a retention rate of 96.4%.

Capium appreciates how hard it is to drive profit led activity in the era of digital taxation – we’re here to help so come and speak to us!

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