Cashplus Bank

Banking services shouldn’t get in the way of life, they should enrich it. Although we’re not a bank, we build on 14 years of success, to continue to create the UK’s most seamless banking services experience. From introducing the first UK prepaid card to being the first non-bank to offer a current account. we’ve been offering innovative products to 1.6 million customers long before the new guys showed up.

Cashplus Bank launched its first lending products in 2012 and now offers a range of credit cards and rolling credit products for SMEs and consumers as well as its unique CreditBuilder current account add on, which allows customers to build or improve their credit rating just by paying their monthly account fees. The company’s strategic goal is to become the ‘specialist bank for UK small business’ with a focus on providing banking and lending services to the start-ups and micro businesses that are often overlooked by high street banks.

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